The Limit of the Numerary Description

12 юли, 2012 | Публикувано в: Articles, Forums | Автор: Сергей Герджиков
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 Serguey Guerdjikov

Sofia University

The Limit of the Numerary Description

Utreht, Netherlands, 1996

ISSEI Conference


Serghey Gherdjikov. “The Limits of the Numerical Description”. Memory, History and Critique. European Identity at the Millennium Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas, at the University for Humanist Studies, The Netherlands, August 19–24 1996 [CDROM]. Eds. Frank Brinknuis & Sasha Talmore. ISSEI/ University for Humanist Studies, Utrecht. MIT Press, 1997. CD ROM.





This is a phenomenological look on  Numbers and Words. They make two types of ordering in the Human being’s life-world. Numbers and Words are not a metaphisical entities, nor mental structures. They are artifacts, signs, types of text. Grammatical and mathematical constants, words and numbers order the fundamental perceiving of the world and dominates in the fundamental empirical sciences: Physics and Biology.

The Border of the Numerary Description is not visible from external look. It appears in the process of description ore explanation of the subjects, identifiable as TEXTS. They may be: words and statements, elements and Structures, molecular units and chains in DNA (for instance).

When we try to describe texts or structures as values of parameters, we meet the impossibility or nonsense to order this chains of “letters” . They are not chains of values, ordrerable as  instances of universal Low (dynamic function).

So, the quantity of Information according Shennon in word: B I O L O G Y and in the  nonsense: I B L O G Y O is the same.

The quantity of Information in a native DNA and in denatured (dead) DNA is the same. Biological Specificity, teleo- order, is not presented in any type of mathematical (phisico-mathematical) function (low).

The grammatical order of the Statement is in such a sense non-numerical, functional, teleological order.

There are two fundamental types of Human ordering of the Living-World – Numeral and Literal. The border of the numeral description is the border of the “Galilean Science”, which orders by measurement and calculation , on the Basis of identified parameters and laws and measured values. In opposite, “Darwinian Science” orders by reading and “understanding” (a qualitative, teleological discourse).

Reading texts and understanding senses is not only humanitarian type of Research – it is necessary and rational everywhere, where we study Living thins and processes.

How then is possible a Theory of Life?

That is a question of a scientific ordering, Rationality, beyond the “Galilean” mathematical laws. It is impossible for this rationality to create universal deductive theory. But it is quite possible for it to create an organic Theory, which states the Principles of sense-constructing in bimolecular  organization, in an organism, in bichevioral and rational Action. These principles are the same, like in the Grammar.