Specialisation India, Dharamsala, 1998 (proposal)

15 септември, 2012 | Публикувано в: Specializations | Автор: Сергей Герджиков
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In 1998 I won a specialization in India at Bulgarian Ministry of Education ans Science, according a contract with Indian government.

Serghey Gherdjikov


for Post-Doctoral Specialisation in INDIA


according p. 9 of the Programme of Colaboratuon in the Science, Education and Culture bethween the Goverment of Repibluc of Bulgaria and the Government of Repibluc of Undia 1997 – 1999

Prof. Dr. Serghey Stoilov Gherdjikov

Bulgaria, Sofia University, Philosophical Faculty

(Chair of Department “Philosophy”)

I won the concurs for a grant for a year for students or post-doctoral specialisation. I teach Indian Philosophy at Dept. of Philosophy–University of Sofia, Bulgaria. I need more systematical reading of some of the original sutras translated in English. My intention is to compare Indian and European Philosophy and especially metaphysics of classical Hinduism like Vedanta and Buddhism with Western Metaphysics and Phenomenology. I am very interested in Indian (hinduist and Buddhist) understanding of life and Death, of the limits of our world. I have written some books on this problem: “Death Experience”, 1994, and “The Faces of Death”, 1995.

I plan to read special literature on Ancient Indian Philosophy and especially Sanghya, Nyaya, Yoga and Vedanta] and Buddhist Schools in Hinayana, Machayana and Vajrayana Buddhism: Vaibhashika, Sautrantika, Madhyamika, Yogachara and Tibetan Buddhism. My working language is English. I hope to find the most important classical books and new interpretations on Indian Hinduist and Buddhist Philosophy:



(Bhagavat Gita especially)


Vedanta Sutra with the comentar of Shankara










Vassubandhu. Abhidharmacosha

Vassubandhu. Panchascandhaka

Pragnya-Paramita sutra


Nagardjuna. Madhyamika-karika

Nagardjuna. Vigraha-vyavartani

Aryadeva. Chatuhshataka

Budhapalita. Mulamadhyama-vritti

Bhavaviveka. Pragnya-pradipa

Bhavaviveka. Hastaratna

Chandrakirti. Prasanna-pada

Chandrakirti. Madhyamikavatara

Saramati. Ratnagotra-vibhaga


Maytreyanatha. Mahayanasutralamkara

Maytreyanatha. Mahayana-vibhaga

Assanga. Mahayana-samgraha

Vassubandhu (old). Vimshatika-vignaptimarata-siddhi

Vassubandhu (old). Trimshika-vignyaptimarata-siddhi

Dignaga. Pramana-Samuchaya

Sorry for not exact writing of Indian names and tittles.

I have to stay and read for a 15 days at Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies. Sarmath, Varanassi, Uthar Pradesh.

I intend to study some religious practices at monasteries. So, I would like to visit the most important monasteries and other mystical and religious centers of Hinduism and Buddhism in India and Nepal.

So, my plan is:

15. 01.  –  15. 02. 1999 – Delhi, Javaharal Neru University of Delhi. Reading in libraries at JNU and other Libraries in Delhi. Making copies. Visiting some institute(s) for Hinduist studies and Yoga center.

15. 02 – 15. 03. 1999. Some special place of Hinduist Studies.

15. 03. – 30. 03. 1999. Dharamsala. Studying at the Library of Thibetan works and Archives.

Other ravel(s):

1. Haidakhan (KUMAON)

2. Nalanda and Vaishali in Bichar

3. Monastery “Tyang-Boche”, Nepal

I wish to track and climb some time in May in Indian Himalaya – the most beautiful place of our planet for me. I hope, the Indian government and people have not nothing against this.

15. 05 – 15.06. 1999. Staying in Delhi. Reading and Consultations with Indian Colleagues on Indian Philosophy and Religion. I would possibly like to stay one year, as it is according  to Cultural contract between Indian and Bulgarian Governments.

I would like to live alone in some place in Delhi (JNU) at the University campus, if there are professor’s rooms. I have no special money for living.

I would like to read some lectures, if it is possible, on the relations between East and West, Eastern and Western mentality, Logos and Mystics, some comparative problems in Phenomenology and Indian Maya and Shunyata.

I hope, Indian colleagues and administration will help me to fulfill this plan.

Thanks to Indian Government for this unic possibility to meet and know something of Great India – the birth place of so many cultures and a place of most beautiful nature.

23. 02. 1998

Sofia, Bulgaria.                                            Prof. Dr. Serghey Gherdjikov