1995 – Limits of Science

21 юни, 2012 | Публикувано в: Books | Автор: Сергей Герджиков
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The questions which gave a start to this study and their answers might be sum up and formulated as follow:

I. How is the human’s life world (Lebenswelt) ordered?

The man is a vital form. Every vital form accomplishes an expansion against the chaos; it combats against the spontaneous disintegration.

Man’s life world is put in order in accordance with his form and this order fulfils the expansion keeping the human’s form (“The First Order”).

II. How is the scientific form established and why?

Science is “The Second Order”. The experimental science is a European mankind’s creation and it is based on the logoz as an “archetype” of order. The logoz is doxa, epistema and scientia – opinion, knowledge, science. The experimental science originates in the late Roman antiquity. Archimedes’ trials could be pointed as models of experimental science.

III. How does science order the world?

Science orders the world as a conceptual network (further used as “Conceptual”) in a “epistemological field”. The tensions (or the questions) are allocated in this field and they promote the expansion of that conceptual form.

IV. What is the meaning of this order (the scientific rationality)? How far does the science go?

The sense of this form is to reinforce The First Order and to make it adjusted to the power provident assimilation of the variety of the world which cannot be embraced by the spontaneous experience.