1994 – Death Experience

21 юни, 2012 | Публикувано в: Books | Автор: Сергей Герджиков
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This is a book about our way on this earth and this way’s bounds. We are going the way of life and come to know it in the process. It is a one way path. Our days are counted. Everyone awaits his hour. Each instant life is running out.

Life on this earth is a unique event, unique experience and knowledge.

When dying we rise to the scale of our entire life. The touch of death throws light on what we do. Our doings acquire their true sense.

Death, as an ultimate bound, establishes the scale for any boundedness. We try to bypass the thought about the end. But when touched by death, our transient anxieties turn to cruel dilemmas.

When confronted with the incomprehensible event of dying, we are at our human bound. And then we can glimpse the answer of a forgotten question:

What is the nature of our human terrestrial life?