2000 – Scientific Explanation of the World

21 юни, 2012 | Публикувано в: Books | Автор: Сергей Герджиков
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1. The world has a form. This is a form of life of a living form. It is identical with living form. Living form is the form whose dynamics is a re-synthesis of itself. Living form accomplishes a dynamics of its re-synthesis and here lies its peculiarity as a living one. It stands out against a non-living background.

2. The living form is worlding the world. The world is finite as a life. The world is world in the background of the indefinite. Life is life against the background of death. The world stands out as order against the background of chaos. It emerges in the effort of mind and body to live by diminishing chaos. The world is individual and shared in one and the same living form. Thus human beings have one world and share their lives.

3. The categories of European (and non-European) ontologies pertain to a local description. There are no absolute essence in the world but it isn’t elusive fire.

The world is neither a given (Russell) nor a transcendental projection (Husserl). The world is neither being or non-being nor being-and-non-being. It possesses a quite specific reality hard to catch in words which escapes categorisation but yields to expression. This status is expressed by the Low of constancy of (transformed) energy.

The world is not reducible to language and doesn’t need a special reference to it.